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Longterm side effects of surgery

There are some long-term side effects related to each type of weight loss surgery. We classified them as long-term because some of them cannot be reversed without removing the pacemaker or the neurostimulator, while the others can never be reversed. The risks and complications associated with the electrical pacemaker weight loss surgery include:.

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Gallbladder surgery is a safe and commonly performed surgery. It involves the removal of the gallbladder from the body. The article provides information about the various gallbladder removal side effects. The liver produces bile in order to digest the fats. Some of this bile produced by the liver is held in a small pearshapedsac-like structure [].

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Progressive loss of corneal cells (keratocytes) after LASIK, Published medical studies have shown a persistent decrease in corneal cells (keratocytes) after LASIK. Doctors speculate that this loss might lead to long-term problems. Read more, Long-term corneal nerve damage after LASIK,.

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Even when the surgery is “successful” complications may arise from the lumbar fusion. Among the long-term side effects of spinal fusion, there a number of problems that.

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Allergic reactions, After getting a shot of Botox, some people experience difficulty in breathing, and most think that this is a normal side effect that goes away after a few days. However, if you’ve been getting regular Botox shots and you always experience this problem, then you may be allergic to the toxin.

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